HOMMAGE TO GIANNI VERSACE - Exhibition @ Show&Order



As a very prestigious highlight, Show&Order at Kraftwerk Berlin proudly announces an exhibition featuring a collection of over 100 original Versace pieces to celebrate the outstanding work of the late GIANNI VERSACE, 20 years on from the occasion of his death. It´s a very special honour to be able to host the one-of-a-kind collection, owned by dedicated brazilian collector ALEXANDRE STEFANI, in an exhibition exclusively in germany to help keep the memory of the exceptional italian designer alive.

Top Floor of Show&Order at Kraftwerk Berlin


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Kraftwerk Berlin

Im Zentrum Berlins, in der Köpenicker Straße, steht das ehemalige Heizkraftwerk Mitte – ein Stück Berliner Industriegeschichte. Erbaut etwa zeitgleich...

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