NOETIA.AMMARELL.Podiumsdiskussion: IN WELCHER ZEIT LEBEN WIR EIGENTLICH - MODE ALS ZEITINDIKATOR Kontroversen der gegenwärtigen Modekultur

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Friday 07.07.2017


On the occasion of a one-time event of the Literature Foundacion, the panel discussion will take place on Saturday, July 8th, at 7 pm.

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"Fashion is everyday, fashion is transient and fashion is immortal."
According to Ingeborg Harms, although fashion is a transitory art, it knows a lot about it’s time. In every season, what is current is realized and perhaps what is yet to come. Technical developments and innovative materials characterize current fashion and thus point to the knowledge of our era. This and other thoughts are summarized in the book "Mode als Zeitindikator". Current events are thus expressed in the given plurality of fashion. In a global society that seems to be divided by political events, media is used to express polarized opinions. Fashion is used as a non-verbal means of communication as well as an intermediary of statements of all kinds. With slogans, simple T-shirts or caps become a confession and thus a product of social and political conditions. In his work "The International Politics of Fashion", Andreas Behnke links up with Ingeborg Harms and describes how political statements in fashion that provide references to cultural developments can be read.

What is the relevance of fashion? Is fashion capable of not only reflecting the Zeitgeist, but also able to actively influence it in the political-social space as well? What political scope does fashion have? How can a transient product make an everlasting statement? These and other questions will be discussed in the context of the panel discussion.

Also this time, NOETIA present the new collection, which was inspired by the topic of the discussion round. After the discussion,
all guests are invited to a get together in the beautiful garden of the Brecht-Haus.


  • BJÖRN LÜDTKE -Editor in Chief (, Fashion journalist and strategic consultant in the fashion and textile sector)
  • JULIA ZIRPEL - Fashion Director im Condé Nast Verlag GmbH, Style- and Trend specialist (
  • JAN SCHOPER -  International Strategy & Partner at Nightingale Experimental Marketing Agency (
  • THOAS LINDNER - Fashion Designer, Sculptor und Poet, Founder of THE TRIBE. Words on Shirts (

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