NOETIA live // Studio183 X KALTBLUT Magazine


Wednesday 17.01.2018


Anna Franziska Michel and Rio Sierra bring in their project NOETIA ’s stories and tales back to life. Heavily influenced by theoretical and philosophical concepts, they transform these inspirations into more than just fashion.The designs are combined with video- and photographic material, so that when you purchase their clothes, you also acquire small worlds. NOETIA ’s visions are based on digital prints that are developed and created in collaboration with the designer’s children and further expanded upon with methods of Generative Design through neural networks. Through this process, the used fabrics are able to tell new stories and generate a sense of individuality. NOETIA designs are created with love; they are vibrant and unique.

In collaboration with Studio183 and KALTBLUT Magazine on the 17th of january 2018 at 5 pm expects you a fashion show, information about our Fashion Technology project, our creative director Rio Sierra & his band, drinks and DJ.

Anna Franziska Michel​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Show Designer B2C

STUDIO183, Brunnenstraße 183, 10119 Berlin