COOKIES SHOW – International Kid´s Shoes & Lifestyle Brands


Thursday 18.01.2018
10:00 - 19:00


COOKIES SHOW – International Kid´s Shoes & Lifestyle Brands  is the first trade show that represents children’s shoes and lifestyle-brands.  In association with the Berlin Fashion Week,  held on January 16 - 18, we can be found right in the middle of the city center, where we will create our very own International ‘Kids-Design’ Platform.

Next to a “Who’s Who” of the children’s shoe market high profile lifestyle companies will also be present.  Innovative young designers such as Shop-Design and Social-Media will make their mark in the showroom, and will give the visitors many exciting, sensible and timely inspirations.

 “COOKIES SHOW offers the Kids-Design-Industry a new and timeless trade show concept”, explains Project Leader Petra Kischkewitz. “We are creating something new.  We don’t care about quantity, but rather a fabulous and creative work environment for both presenter and buyer.  We are creating a space for new ideas and impulse, for trade and network.”

Søren Kischkewitz
Fon. +49 (0)30 577010587


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