b.a.r.e. 3rd: still authentic

Side event

Friday 19.01.2018
10:00 - 18:00



The b.a.r.e. team invites you to the Pop Up store at the Schwarze Heidi from the 18th to the 19th of January. At the event there will be a showcase of the third collection of b.a.r.e. created by the fashion marketing students of the BSP Business School Berlin. 

shop hours:

Thursday  10-18 Uhr
Friday         10 -18 Uhr


Thursday 19 Uhr: Opening Get-together
Friday  20 Uhr: Closing Party

Looking back on the first two iterations of b.a.r.e., the previous fashion marketing students used different inspirations to put their own spin on the b.a.r.e. brand.

The different interpretations formed by current students created an individual style for b.a.r.e.; authenticity being the core DNA of the collection. The collection ranges from t-shirts to dresses, all the way to a kimono; channeling the diversity of b.a.r.e..

Soft pink, bold red, deep black, and white accents are the main characters starring in this collection. The different colours and designs represent the different personalities of the class.

Jersey and safety pins form a unity out of all the different identities of the pieces.

Join us at our Pop-Up Store during the Fashion Week, and see our authentic collection for yourself...


Schwarze Heidi, Köpenicker Straße 18-20, 10997 Berlin



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