#bare2nd Closing Party


Thursday 06.07.2017
20:00 - 00:00


Whoever thought that b.a.r.e.berlin would be done after one season was definitely wrong. We are going for round two, and this time in pole position! Once again, we are excited to show you the very daring and experimental collection that the new b.a.r.e Team has come up with for this season. This year is all about showing you how the terms borderless, authentic, rebellious and equality can be interpreted in different ways, and this will be reflected in our #bare2nd collection at the our Pop Up Store at the Jägerhütte next to Haubentaucher. This season is all about the synergy of new and provocative inspirations with a variety of innovative and futuristic street style cuts. With this collection we embody the different mindsets and social groups that Berlin has to offer. It is basically a fashion representation of how we experience and describe Berlin and its thousand different aspects. If you like a big variety of clothing to pick from, our collection is just for you. From basic T-Shirts with a logo print to flamboyant dresses or super comfortable tracksuits, our collection will have just the piece you are looking for to show the world your great taste for fashion and to make a statement. Of course all success needs to be celebrated, and we would like you to be there. We want to share our passion for fashion and marketing with you and herewith would love to invite you to come visit our pop up store. And everyone knows that there is no student without a party, so we will show you at our closing party how its done! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Opening hours: 

Wednesday, 05.07.2017

10:00-15:00 open doors

18:30-22:00 get together

Thursday, 06.07.2017

10:00-15:00 open doors

20:00- open end: closing party


Instagram: b.a.r.e.berlin




Haubentaucher, Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin