NOETIA.AMMARELL.PODIUM // Internet of clothes

NOETIA.AMMARELL.PODIUM // Internet of clothes - fashion in the context of digitization // Controversies of Contemporary Fashion

Digitization and the associated transformation process permeates society in all forms of everyday life. The Internet of Thinks digitizes and enables them to communicate with each other. Hence, it seems surprising how little digitization is represented in our everyday clothing. 

In our discussion we want to talk about the meaning/influence of fashion in the process. Which role will clothing play in interpersonal and intrapersonal communication? How will it contribute to interaction between natural and artificial intelligence?

In which way did fashion already change through digitization?


Prof. Dr. Paul LukowiczHead of the Department of Embedded Intelligence at the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence ( and jury member at the Telekom Fashion Fusion Award (

Esther Zahn
Fashion Technology designer (

Christian Uhle
Philosopher for a Changing World (

Volker Ißbrücker
from the Literature Forum in the Brecht House  

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3,00 €,  1 drink incl.

Anna Franziska Michel

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